Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation Photo

Well.. It looks like Guerlain is ready for Summer! No surprise here, Guerlain makes my favorite bronzer "Four Seasons" and they know how to put a good tan onto anyone!

The Guerlain Joli Teint Foundation is a new release to their Summer 2014 Collection. I assume this is probably the first part of their summer collection mainly because Guerlain usually releases their summer collection by first releasing base / complexion enhancing products and then releasing limited edition lip colors, bronzers, etc.. 

My Neiman Marcus just put out the display of the collection while I was shopping the other day and they had testers to this new foundation! So of course the swatching begins and of course I come home with another base product to my collection *sigh

The Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Beautifying Foundation SPF20 is suppose to provide a beautiful natural finish, sun-kissed, and healthy glow. Exactly what I think we all want during the summertime (especially here in Southern California!) These kind of products seem to come out during the summer all the time and I know some new ones are going to release soon from other lines (Chanel's Perfection Lumiere Velvet in March, & Les Beiges Sheer Foundation as well) along with other brands always offer some kind of sun friendly, healthy, glowing foundation that last through the heat. 

The packaging for the Joli Teint was actually really beautiful. Especially for being a product that is meant to take on the go, a quick summer vacation getaway, etc.. It is meant to be convenient and very travel friendly. Upon approaching the counter I thought to myself oh okay.. so this is a tinted moisturizer or sun protection with a tint to it from Guerlain? Yeah no, this is actually a foundation that is made convenient and easy to use! *applause 

The packaging comes in a squeeze tube looking tube and I thought to myself great.. This is going to be really messy and get disgusting quick because I am sure when I take off the cap no pump will be there… 

Wrong! Guerlain has made this foundation even more convenient by putting a pump on it which actually just made the overall product feel so luxurious yet travel friendly at the same time. I also love how the Guerlain logo is embossed on the top of the cap! Little details that make a beautiful difference! 

So how does the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation differ from all of the current foundations I own? To be honest with you it is just the convenience an the "fuss free" application I can get from this product. I don't really have to worry about breaking a glass bottle, keeping it in a "secure" place. I could throw this bottle around all day long, drop it several times, take it in a travel bag, the list goes on. It does last well on the skin and actually stays locked on. However some things are worth mentioning on how I get this foundation to work for me!

Bare Face

So my skin at the moment is clearing up pretty well from some past scarring which I am using Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair Serum for. My skin type is strictly combination at the moment. Some areas may get the slightest bit dry and through out the day my face can get quite oily.. I have the best of both worlds! 

I usually look for foundations that are sheer to low medium coverage now, that provide a skin like finish (not very satin, not very flat) and that usually can last through out a long long day!

Bare Face - Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation

I used the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush to apply the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation onto my face, which I instantly noticed that this foundation needs to be worked in sections of the face if you are going to be using a brush. This foundation does set quite quick, but when it sets it is not a pain to blend out even more or spread it more if you have to.

You will just notice that the foundation starts to spread beautifully and then quickly spreads less and less because it is locking onto the skin. Using a Beauty Blender will probably give you more free time to blend this foundation because you are adding the mixture of light water from the Beauty Blender to the formula of the foundation to kind of "loosen" up the product when it comes to blending.

I applied the foundation to one half of my face so you can see the difference of my bare face compared to just the foundation alone. You will instantly notice that my light pigmentation on my face has been blurred and smoothed out. Luminosity doesn't seem to come through as much but stay locked in. And the skin does look like sheer velvet! Although the foundation looks like it will keep your face matte all day the reality is, as you wear this foundation it builds up luminosity. When the luminosity builds up however it stays at a certain level of "glow" and never starts to look greasy or overly dewy which really caught me by surprise because it felt like this foundation knew the right amount of "glow" I needed for my face!

Finished Face: Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation #2 Natural, Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer, Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara, La Mer Loose Powder

Above in this picture you will see that my skin has much more of a glow to it. This is after 5 hours of wear time and zero touching up or blotting of the skin. My cheekbones the tip of my nose and even my forehead have a luminosity to them but it doesn't look wet or oily at all. My skin stayed this way for about 4 more hours until it started to look like "hmm okay maybe I could blot a little bit" but nothing extreme or nothing I would actually commit to doing.

I can see why this foundation would be so perfect for the beach, poolside, or a really hot or humid environment because the foundation starts off matte, builds up luminosity, and then locks in the finish for the remainder of the day. It was really something so unique yet different I noticed when wearing out this foundation. 

I finished off with the 4 Seasons Bronzer, Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara, & La Mer Powder lightly to set the face.


Guerlain is famous for having probably the worst color selection when it comes to foundation in the past. Well now they got color matching right! Before it felt like Guerlain strictly catered to just "pink undertones" and only had fairer shades available. However the Joli Teint Foundation now has 5 shades available which may not seem like much but the foundation is sheer to low medium that one shade can fit a large group of skin colors in that range  (of course bronzer, blush, and other complexion enhancers will be needed to make the foundation look more "you")

I find the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation to run quite neutral to yellow in all shades available. I don't really see a good solid mach with anyone who has strong pink undertones simply because none of the shades available are in pink undertones now.

  1. Clair - Light: best for very light to light complexions with a yellow undertone (MAC NC15-25)
  2. Naturel - Natural: best for light medium to medium complexions with a yellow undertone (MAC NC30 - NC35)
  3. Moyen - Medium: best for a true warm medium complexion with strong golden undertones (MAC NC40)
  4. Foncé - Dark: best for lighter "dark" complexions (MAC NC 42- NC43)
  5. Ebony: best for deep complexions that have a rich golden or yellow undertone (MAC NC44)
* For reference I wear #2 Naturel - Natural in the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint, I may appear more tan in photos (that is really due to good bronzing and contouring) but if you see the photos of myself with no makeup on / bare face you can truly see the color of my complexion! 

Overall the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation is a beautiful foundation if you are looking for light to low medium coverage that has the perfect balance of matte meets barely satin finish, long lasting, provides a glow as the day goes on but never looks greasy, and want a base product that locks into the skin and stays all day. 

As far as skin types are concerned I really would not recommend this foundation to extremely dry or skin with any dry patches because this foundation will accentuate it. Otherwise all other skin types can pull this off well just make sure you do proper skincare before wearing such a long wearing foundation like this one! Although this foundation is long wearing it does not look unnatural or heavy. It's skin like and beautiful!

Guerlain This is the first foundation I have ever liked from you! My day has been made!

- Alex 
(ps. check my Youtube Channel for a in-depth and application review on this foundation sometime this week!) 


  1. I just found your blog, it's great! I've been a fan of your on youtube and am so glad to have found you blog too! This foundation sounds like something I def. need to check out - I have combo to oily skin and in the summer, always like to wear something lighter, like a tinted moisturizer but always find that I get so oily looking so quickly. The fact that this foundation provides a controlled "dewiness" sounds like something that could work for me, esp. since it does get humid where I live. Thanks for the reviews and swatches!

  2. Thank you for the detailed review Monsiieur :-) I can't wait to try this out myself! Like you said, it's probably going to be the first Guerlain foundation i've ever liked too! And then my Guerlain collection would finally be complete! :-D

    What I love the most is the unexpected pump! Wont have to be paranoid about this leaking in my makeup bag while I travel..

  3. Thanks for the detailed review on this. I recently got a sample, but haven't used it just yet. I'm a bit concerned though with your comment about not being good for dry skin, as I've got dry cheeks this winter. Perhaps I'll just have to try it out just to see.

  4. Hi there,

    Glad I found your blog.

    I am not a bronzer girl, but every year around this time, I am always looking for something I can use as a contouring product and I much prefer liquid or cream product. I am a newbie to the department of contouring and am debating between this product and the new NARS matte multiple. What are your thoughts?

  5. I found you from a link in BTIBeauty. I love this review. Thank you. I'm very fair/cool toned. I think I'll get the Clair shade. I'm going to follow your blog now.

  6. I was trying to track down shades for this foundation and very much appreciate the swatch photo and comparison to MAC shades. I was thinking I might have to purchase 2 shades, but it looks like the lightest is going to work perfectly. Always appreciate your thoroughness

  7. Alex, I just love your videos and the blog-excellent writing and reviews. I'm going to buy this product and your swatches helped me pick out the right shade. If you ever come to DC, I want to be a client!! You're a fantastic artist. P.S. Do some more videos of your mom-she looks great in the Tom Ford eyeshadow quad video. I'm a mom too and love that you featured her :)